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Integration with COMPSs

COMPSs is a task-based programming model which aims to ease the development of applications for distributed infrastructures, such as large High-Performance clusters (HPC), clouds and container managed clusters. COMPSs provides a programming interface for the development of the applications and a runtime system that exploits the inherent parallelism of applications at execution time.

COMPSs support was introduced in OSCAR for the AI-SPRINT project to tackle the Personalized Healthcare use case in which OSCAR is employed to perform the inference phase of pre-trained models out of sensitive data captured from wearable devices. COMPSs, in particular, its Python binding named PyCOMPSs, was integrated to exploit parallelism across the multiple virtual CPUs of each pod resulting from each OSCAR service asynchronous invocation. This use case was coordinated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

OSCAR integration with COMPSs

There are several examples that showcase the COMPSs integration with OSCAR in the examples/compss folder in GitHub.